Is it for fun or for relationship while dating over 30?

You all know the classic scenario of dating even you are dating over 30. At the beginning of the story, two people will meet then they will be attracted into each other. That is the time they will start spending their moments together.

However, the other one insisted that everything is just for fun and doesn’t have any plan in committing into serious relationship. Time is passes by and so is confusion, pain and disappointment which grows in that unexplained type of relationship. However, is it really possible to just have fun together without that commitment?

For other people, this can possible. That’s can be due to their painful experiences. They still too wounded and vulnerable to start another one. In addition to this, they may also holding some beliefs such as they would lose their freedom as well as sense of control out of their lives if they let anyone to invade their life. There’s nothing wrong about these things. However, this can be too tricky when an individual don’t want to become part of the relationship but like to date and probably be intimate sexually with other individual. At first, this can be acceptable enough for them to just have fun. But always keep in your mind that attachment may happen within a period of time and emotions may deepen as well as grow. If this is the case, what is the right thing to do?

Create an agreement with yourself
You will never get to know when and if you would fall in love with someone once you get to know with them. And it is not a good idea too if you are going to ask that person on making relationship commitments. Maybe, you’ve been learning more about this person and you don’t want to force stuffs or even terminate connections with anyone who you’ve never excite in chasing. That is why it is much better if you will generate an agreement with yourself. Identify the most significant to in terms of dating over 30. You should also determine on you want to be treated and your expectations from him or her, if there’s any. Even if you are over 50, you can also choose top senior dating sites to find dates online again, so there’s nothing to worry about at all!

Always communicate.
Opening your communication lines and being honest when you dating or “having fun” is advisable. You should know how to listen with what other individual are saying and make sure you ask yourself if it is really acceptable for you. There are instances that you will want more of it few months later. Well, you should always get in touch with him or her. This way, as soon as one of you already realized that it will not working out or find another individual to fulfil what he/she wants, then one could easily recognize and quit hoping for more than nothing.

Don’t be afraid.
No matter what your age is, there’s always someone destined to spend their life with you. So never eve rush things up. And most of all, never be afraid to start anew with someone else.