Is a lesbian with a kid, treated normally in homosexual society?

Parenthood is not an easy task, especially when it comes to being a single parent. It requires lots of attention, being patient and open mind to kid needs. When it comes to parenthood in a homosexual community, it’s nothing different. Lesbians and Gays across the world have troubles while raising their kids even though they are humans with a need of love just like anyone else.

Lesbians who are willing to become a single mother is rather a controversial topic, however, what makes them decide for such lifetime decision?

LGBT society is rather friendly and family oriented. They are willing to create families just like heterosexual couples and have kids as well. Since same gender sex does not lead to pregnancy, there are a couple of legal ways to become a parent if you are gay or lesbian.

The first way is legal adoption, however, doesn’t matter if you are single or in a homosexual relationship, adoption process will be hard and difficult and might end up with no success. In most of the countries across the globe, same-sex marriage’s adoptions are not welcomed. Another way which is less complicated is to get pregnant by an anonymous donor or have a sex with someone who is a family friend or someone who you can trust to be a father of a kid. Hiring a surrogate is another solution to become a parent if you are a part of LGBT community. The last and worst way is to have sex with a man just to make yourself pregnant. Some lesbians are desperate to become mothers and decide to make such risky step just to welcome their babies. It’s a risky not only because of unprotected sex with a random man who might have herpes or STDs. In most of the cases lesbians who are having sexual activities with a guy, are doing this against their real nature. They become lesbians to feel free in front of another woman, not a man. Such practice in parenthood doesn’t make sense.

Let’s come back to our topic question” Is a lesbian with a kid, treated normally in homosexual society?” The answer might be yes or no. It all depends on the way which she becomes a mom. If she had a legal adoption or had an anonymous donor and use her own egg and fertile them to become pregnant, she will be welcomed and her kid will be raised in LGBT community as an open-minded citizen. If lesbian becomes a mother in a less moral way, by having a sex with a man, she won’t be that welcomed and accepted in the homosexual community anymore. Having sex with a guy is against lesbians’ states of mind and nature.

Being single mom and dating as lesbian is a hard challenge, however, it’s worth it as every other aspect of parenthood. If you ever came across a lesbian who is raising a kid, never ask “Who is the father” or “How did you find a sperm donor”. Such questions are totally out of space and touch the deepest part of privacy. Instead of asking questions, be supportive and show your respect to every single mom, doesn’t matter if she is lesbian or not.